About Us

frank-about-usFrank started his beekeeping career in the early 70s in the Hawkesbury working with Gretchen Wheen, one of Australia’s pioneering queen bee breeders. He has recently relocated to Lyndhurst, in the Central Tablelands of NSW.  Since this move Jenny has become involved in the business and together have established ‘beelinebeewares’ providing natural honey and beeswax products.  The Lazy Bee Ranch, where the business is located, is in the centre of one of Australia’s magnificent beekeeping locations.  Stringy bark forests in the hills surround us, Yellow Box and Blakely’s Red Rum flourish in the valleys, to the west we have Lucerne flats and the mighty River Red Gum on the Lachlan. Malleys and Mugga Ironbark are further to the west.  This is beekeeping nirvana.

This farming community has embraced the addition of a beekeeping business and budding graziers to their community since we moved in five years ago.