Welcome to beelinebeewares

Owned and operated by Frank Malfroy and Jenny Douglas from a property located in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales we call “The Lazy Bee and the Double D Ranch”

Lyndhurst is a sleepy little hamlet on the Mid Western Highway – almost a town that the modern world has left behind.  This suits us fine – we’re a laid back couple who enjoy the lifestyle that migratory beekeeping brings with it.  Busy during Spring and Summer with the bees but a bit slower during the rest of the year.  Time to look after Jenny’s flock of Dorpers, growing vegies and tending our small orchard.

The area around us provides an incredible flora range of opportunities for our honeybees – Yellow Box, White Box, Stringybark and Red Gums are the predominant Eucalypts that grow in our area.  Further west we have Mugga, Ironbark, Malleys and the mighty River Red Gum that grows along the banks of our inland rivers.

Along with the Eucalypt blossom we have the agricultural pasture crops – like the clovers, lucerns, vetches and lupins – let’s not forget the weeds – honeybees just love them – the many varieties of thistles, paterson’s curse (sadly almost extinct), capeweed, turnip, mustard and skeleton weeds.  These plants provide a diverse range in the nutrition and dietary requirements of Australia’s honeybees which make them the healthiest in the world.

We’ve just come back for a six week tour of beekeeping operations in the US.  Their obsession with farm chemicals and herbicides has reduced the flora range of their honeybee populations to a point where colonies are virtually on life support.  Let’s hope we don’t follow down their path – we can’t see it happening, but…..